Here in the Cool Ghoul Noose (pronounces News) room, we follow leads on haunting, disturbing or mysterious events. Sometime we find the answer; sometimes we’re left holding an empty sheet, or looking into a vacant grave. Once in a while our reporters find out that the only answer is a deeper mystery, or supernatural encounter. Join us, and have fun as we investigate the world of magic, wizards, ghouls and zombies.

The Cool Ghoul Gazette: Scary stories – Some of them might be true!

Whispers from Beyond:


Man Arrested For Murdering His Wife With a Moose

Nick Caden – Dead Beat Reporter . Police spokesman Robin Graves calls the puzzling death of 63-year old Maggie Franks a situation where the “improbable meets the unbelievable”. According to police records, Franks husband, Tiny, killed his wife with a moose. The victim was found dead by hunters on an evening stroll in the forbidden forest of Westlake. Police say hairs and […]

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Donald Miller Jr.

Judge Rules Ohio Man Must Remain Dead

Nick Caden – Dead Beat Reporter . Donald Miller Jr. asked a county judge to reverse a 1994 ruling that declared him legally dead but Hancock County Probate Court Judge Allan Davis turned down his request, citing a three-year time limit for changing a death ruling. Judge Davis called Miller’s case a “strange, strange situation, […]

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San Francisco Quarterback Colin CaperNeck to Attend Zombie Prom

San FanCrisco Quarterback Colin CaperNeck to Attend Zombie Prom

Fresh off his Super Bowl-like performance against the Tennessee TightTans, San FanCrisco quarterback Colin CaperNeck announced plans Monday to attend the 5th annual San Francisco Zombie Prom. . “Our offenses is starting to come alive,” CaperNeck told the Cool Ghoul Gazette, “and we can’t wait to lay it all on the line in the Haunted Ballroom. I see this as our first step, […]

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Farmer Makes Own Crop Circle, Wards off Aliens

“It’s an unusual solution to a problem that’s plagued us farmers fer years, but it works,” said Bailey Colchester, a Michigan farmer.  Mr. Colchester witnessed the first crop circles appear in his area in the 1960’s.  He is the only farmer in the area that has not had the circles appear on his property. More important, he […]

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Zombie Walk – Fort Wayne, Indiana

  FRIGHT NIGHT October 19, 2013 Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana RSPV:  

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