Scary Television Shows

Scary Television Shows

A true account of what transpired while Nick gathered research for his  Dead Low Tide novel.

“I checked the web site to see if I could find any shows where  zombie kidnapped someone. A short list appeared with titles.

Skin of My Teeth
(show about an orthodontist who moonlights as a mortician)

Bare Bones
(survivalist family living in the Dakotas)

Dead Last
(a race car driver running a funeral parlor across from the Daytona Speedway).

A synopsis of Back From the Dead caught my eye.

In the second season of Back From the Dead, Jordon Gross investigates a series of kidnappings in Las Vegas, in which bookies with ties to the Campino family keep turning up dead in the trunks of cars, trash compactors and dangling from interstate bridges.

In each case, witnesses claim a man fitting the description of a Las Vegas bookie was seen fleeing the crime scene. Problem is, the police sketch of the potential killer matches a man Jordon knows.

A man last seen dead on a slab in a Brooklyn morgue! To solve the case, Jordon infiltrates the voodoo world and meets up with a Mambo ⎯  a voodoo priestess.

At her underground temple, Jordon learns that a mobster from rival family has been systematically abducting and killing those who schedule to testified against him in a drug running case. Each time the mobster posses as the dead Las Vegas bookie in order to conceal his true identity.

I know my novels sometimes stretch the bounds of believability but the saying is true: truth IS stranger than fiction: and much of what we see on TV is based on real cases. – Nick Caden

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