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Man Arrested For Murdering His Wife With a Moose

Police spokesman Robin Graves calls the puzzling death of 63-year old Maggie Franks a situation where the “improbable meets the unbelievable.”

According to police records, Franks husband, Tiny, killed his wife with a moose. The victim was found dead by hunters on an evening stroll in the forbidden forest of Westlake. Police say hairs and saliva from a moose — aka a European elk — were found on the victim’s clothes.

Police would not comment on how Franks used the moose to bludgeon his wife, only that “elk, once excited can become very aggressive.” The victim’s husband remains out on bail. The alleged accomplice in the case, the moose, remains at large.

This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Hagrid Ryan, U. S. Sounds and Fishy and Wildlife and Death Service. 

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