Cool Ghoul Breaking Noose Why Dost Thine Face Ring a Bell?

Why Dost Thine Face Ring a Bell?

Why Dost Thine Face Ring a Bell? post thumbnail image

In a tale that rings true, a 60-year-old tourist met a tragic end during a sound and light festival in Bellview, Oregon. As the town’s celebrations reached a crescendo, a befuddled tourist, hailing from the Napa region of California, decided to elevate his experience – quite literally – by scaling a church tower.

At 6 p.m., with the church bell tolling in rhythm with the festivities, the adventurous tourist found himself in the belfry just as the bell swung forward with impeccable timing, delivering a final, fatal “clang.” Seconds later, as horrified onlookers looked on in disbelief, church chimes knocked him from the belfry and sent him tumbling into the realm of the dead. 

Authorities remain puzzled as to why the man sought to scale the church tower, but as the event organizer said later to the stunned crowd, “Ask not, ‘For whom the bell tolls.’ Ask instead, ‘Why dost thine face ring a bell?'”

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