Cool Ghoul Grave Concerns Judge Rules Ohio Man Must Remain Dead

Judge Rules Ohio Man Must Remain Dead

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LAST CHANCE, Iowa — Donald Miller Jr. is seeking a county judge’s intervention to overturn a 1994 ruling that declared him dead. However, Mucus County Probate Court Judge Leigh Gale DeLay rejected Miller’s plea, citing a three-year time limit for altering a death ruling. Judge DeLay characterized Miller’s case as unusual and perplexing, concluding that, according to the law, Miller remains legally dead.

“I understand the challenges Mr. Miller faces due to the constraints of this ruling. Mr. Miller can no longer vote, hold public office, or obtain a driver’s license. He cannot collect Social Security and without a valid ID, find gainful employment. Through no fault of his own, he is but one of many in our society who has fallen through the cracks. However, my hands are tied, much as his were when he was brought in unconscious and ruled dead all those years ago. This should serve as a warning to all that we should be vigilant in all that we do.”

Robin Miller, Donald’s former spouse, asserted that he disappeared due to outstanding child support payments exceeding $26,000.

Approximately eight years ago, Miller reemerged, navigating the legal system to obtain a driver’s license and reinstate his Social Security number. His ex-wife opposed this action, contending that she lacked the financial means to reimburse the Social Security benefits disbursed to her and their two children after Miller’s official declaration of death.

Dead and gone but still very much here, Mr. Miller plans to appeal Judge DeLay’s ruling until he gets justice and, as he told the Cool Ghoul staff, “My life back.”

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