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A Debbie Downer of a Death

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In a burial plot twist straight out of a macabre Stephen King comedy, 83-year-old Debbie Downey drove to her granddaughter’s house in Salem Township, Franklin County, Maine to help assist with the child’s move into a boarding school.

As Downey carried boxes onto the back porch, a creaky floorboard gave way and Downey plunged 48 feet down a natural ventilation shaft and landed in a mausoleum nestled snugly into the hillside.

Rescue personnel arrived within the hour and extracted Downey from her premature planting, but despite their valiant efforts, her injuries proved grave and she passed on marble steps next to a grave marker that read, “There but by the grace of God go I.”

In the aftermath of Downey’s death, the granddaughter’s family is threatening to sue the owners of the private cemetery on the grounds that, “They got the shaft,” says their attorney. Her death is a reminder that death can snatch us away at a moment’s notice, so be certain of where you’ll end up when you’re face down.

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