Cool Ghoul Breaking Noose Teen Found Dead In Morgue — “Fowl” Play Suspected

Teen Found Dead In Morgue — “Fowl” Play Suspected

Teen Found Dead In Morgue — “Fowl” Play Suspected post thumbnail image

Dillerville, CA – A bizarre investigation is underway at the Dillerville City Morgue following the death of 16-year-old Morton Saults. According to his uncle, Morton went to the morgue to retrieve his lost phone after his aunt’s funeral but was found dead just hours later. The only witness to the crime is Polly, the facility’s security guard.

Authorities are tight-lipped about the cause of death, citing the ongoing investigation. However, Saults’ uncle alleges foul play, claiming his nephew’s phone contained crucial video of a recent drug deal that went down outside their apartment.

“The video has been deleted, along with the pictures he took of the men who threatened him.”

This allegation has cast a shadow of suspicion over the morgue staff, who remain tight-lipped, referring to corpse-patient confidentiality documents they signed.

Adding further intrigue to the case is Stitch, the janitor and a renowned ventriloquist known for his flamboyant personality and colorful vocabulary (often delivered through Polly). Stitch had reportedly returned from a “work retreat” at a local winery just before the incident. The fact that the facility security guard refuses to talk has raised questions about Stitch’s potential involvement.

Cool Ghoul Gazette reporters Snoop Scoop and Danny Doritos (“If it’s free to lay, we’re free to say.”) are leading the investigation. The pair has confirmed that they are looking into potential negligence and evidence tampering. 

The Dillerville Morgue has a clean record, but this incident has left the community that is normally at rest, uneasy. Local resident Mildred Peabody commented, “It’s disturbing, to find that a facility that should be handling your loved ones with respect and care could let a drunk and parrot have run of the place. It’s like something out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.”

Authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward. As for Polly, the parrot, the only eye witness in the case seems to have flown the coop. 

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